Health and Safety

In URAN, the health and safety of all our professionals and collaborators is at the centre of our activity. The adoption and accomplishing of the policies, articulated in a coordinated set of measures, come from the assumption of our moral and social responsibility towards all the professionals that make up URAN.

With this aim, for several years, URAN has had at a Labor Health and Safety System certificated by the international standard OHSAS 18001:1999 and the rules of this system go far beyond the fulfillment of the legislation in the field.

Nevertheless, health and safety are the responsibility of all the members of the organization because our role as specialists in electrical installations. Driven by our Health and Safety Department, our system does not forget about this and bases its efficiency on the cooperation of our professionals in four fundamental areas: information, trining, consultation and participation of all the personnel.  

Our objectives go beyond the simple establishing of safety procedures. The entire system is planned to achieve only one objective: zero accidents. This is our maximum responsibility while executing our activities.