URAN has the best professionals to perform each activities developed.
A team of specialists in electrical installations, great experts with extensive
experience and continuous training in various subjects such as Health and Safety,
Quality, Waste Management and Environmental Impact provide us with a great knowledge
of the market. This allows us to offer quality work, which conforms to the requirements
of each client.

Several decades of experience in all kinds of electrical installations speak on our behalf:

  • Engineering, definition and design of electrical projects.
  • Construction of overhead and underground high and low voltage power lines.
  • All types of substations, primary up to 400kV, secondary, underground, pole mounted whether they belong to utility or other companies.
  • Civil Engineering and civil works.
  • Renewable Energies (solar and wind farms, etc...).
  • Cogeneration.
  • Electrical installations in Pumping Stations.
  • Electrical installations for industrial processes, small or large consumers. 
  • Construction of electrical panels.